Rev.4/24/2018 2018 Planning Calendar
Included In Date Event Primary Contact at Parliament Notes
Winter Flyer 1/5-1/6 $35.00 Rooms/ CumUnion Ed Mountain  
Winter Flyer 1/12-1/19 Leather Weather Chris Stephens  
1/19-1/20 OPEN    
1/26-1/27 Birthday Weekend Ed Mountain Need a special incentive for Edge such as a "birthday shot", etc.
Winter Flyer 2/2-2/3 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
Winter Flyer 2/9-2/10 Mardi Gras Antonio / Richard
Winter Flyer 2/15-2/18 SECC Leather Contest Chris Stephens  
2/23-2/24 OPEN
Winter Flyer 3/2-2/3 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
3/9-3/10 OPEN    
Winter Flyer 3/16-3/17 St. Patrick's Weekend Ed Mountain  
3/23-3/24 OPEN    
Winter Flyer 3/29-3/31 Bear Spring Thaw Ed Mountain  
Winter Flyer 4/6-4/7 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
Winter Flyer 4/12-4/15 Balls, Paws and Claws Critter Weekend - (Florida Puppy) Chris Stephens Requested a foam party at EDGE.  Make it Saturday Night.
Winter Flyer 4/19-4/21 Spring Fist Fest East Chris Stephens  
Winter Flyer 4/26-4/29 20th Year Parliament Anniversary / Pool Grand Opening Tim/Richard  
Winter Flyer 5/3-5/5 Augusta Spice-CANCELLED Antonio  
5/11-5/12 Southern Slam / CumUnion Ed Mountain  
5/18-5/19 Red & Yellow Tim  
5/24-5/28 Memorial Weekend Ed Mountain  
6/1-6-2 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
6/8-6/9 Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party Tim/Ed  
6/14-6/16 OPEN    
6/21-6/24 Augusta Pride weekend Ed Mountain  
6/28-7/4 July 4th Weekend Ed Mountain  
7/6-7/7 July 4th 2nd weekend Ed Mountain  
7/13-7/14 CumUnion /Ralph & Larry's Weenie Roast Ed Mountain  
7/20-7/21 OPEN Ed Mountain  
7/26-7/28 SEAL - Southeast Alliance of Leather Chris Stephens  
8/3-8/4 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
8/9-8/11 Augtobearfest Ed Mountain  
8/17-8/18 Birthday Weekend Ed Mountain  
8/23-8/25 CLAWS Leather Chris Stephens  
8/30-9/3 Labor Day Weekend Ed Mountain  
9/7-9/8 Inappropriate Behavior Pool Party Tim/Ed  
9/13-9/15 CumUnion Ed Mountain Note: Prime Timers cancelled
9/20-9/22 First Coast Leather Chris Stephens  
9/27-9/29 Carolina Bear Lodge Ed Mountain  
10/4-10/6 Fall Fist Fest East Chris Stephens He wants to pay for 2 double rooms at Exec. For his help
Note: All Entry to Property will be required to purchase their package.
10/12-10/13 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
10/18-10/20 Bad Ass Chris Stephens NEW: All Entry to Property will be required to purchase their package. Includes day pass and campground.
10/26-10/27 Halloween Ed Mountain  
11/2-11/3 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
11/9-11/10 Veterans Weekend Tim, Jerry & Rick  
11/16-11/14 Birthday Weekend Ed Mountain  
11/30-12/1 CumUnion Ed Mountain  
12/7-12/8 OPEN    
12/14-12/15 Black Eye Weekend Ed Mountain  
12/21-12/22 OPEN    
12/27-12-31 New Years Weekend Ed Mountain