Worlds Largest All-Male Resort
Augusta GA
General Info:

1) Room Reservations are recommended for all visits (especially weekends)
2) Reservations may be held on Visa/MasterCard/Discover or mail pre-payment via Money Order or Certified Check.
* 3) ALL Weekend Reservations (Friday & Saturday) & Holiday Reservations require a DEPOSIT of one night's stay at the time the reservation is made.

Holidays / Special Events

Holiday or Special Event weekends will normally require a minimum of 3 nights stay. Some Special Events may require the purchase of an additional package before reservations will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy

Please DO NOT Email a cancellation as the Front Desk does not have access to these emails.

Holidays/Special Event Weekends
Cancellations must be made by midnight, 14 days prior to the arrival date.
Cancellations inside this 14 day timeframe or "No Shows" will forfeit their Deposit.

* Normal Weekends
Cancellations must be made by midnight 2 days prior to arrival. "No Shows" will forfeit their Deposit.

Refunds/Early Departures

1) Non-Holiday - Once you have checked-in to a room, you will be charged a minimum of one night's stay (i.e. No Refund if you change your mind after you've checked-in).
2) Early Departures - If you have "checked-in" on a HOLIDAY/Special Weekend package (i.e. 2, 3, 4 day package). No Refunds will be given if you decide to leave early. This is done because, while honoring your reservation, we have had to turn-away other people who wanted packages.