Pet Policy - Revised 3/30/19

We encourage making other arrangements for your pet, but if you must bring it with you, the following apply:

** NEW **
You MUST bring a pet CRATE with you. Any time you leave your room, the pet MUST be placed in the crate. This is for the safety of our housekeeping and maintenance staff as well as protection of the room furnishings.

You are asked to inform us of pets when making your reservation or upon arrival.

There is a $15 Pet Cleaning Fee per stay (not per night) to cover the many extra steps we take to sanitize a room after a pet has occupied it. If you fail to inform us of your pet and we discover it, the Pet Cleaning Fee is doubled.

Pets should be only small/medium size dogs, cats, or birds. Please inquire at the front desk if you have any other type of pet. Control of your pet and/or its disturbing of others is your responsibility. If your pet is disturbing others (i.e. barking) and you cannot quiet him/her, please be aware that you may be asked to leave without a refund.

Pets may not be brought anywhere forward of and including on the Café deck, the Pool area, or inside any of the common buildings.
Do not let your pet “visit” other rooms.